XeraCalm A.D Lipid - Replenishing Cream

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Lipid - Replesnishing Cream specifically formulated for all moderate dryness in the skin of infants, children and adults:

* Skin prone to atopic-dermatitis.

* Skin prone to irritations, redness and itching caused by skin dryness.

* Naturally dry skin.




The formula for XeraCalm A.D Cleansing Cream was created using a minimum of ingredients, selected for their efficacy and innocuousness:

* The I-modulia complex, result of 12 years of scientific development carried out by the Pierre Fabre Research Center. It is the very essence of the active substances from the microflora contained in Avene Thermal Spring Water. After being identified , these active substances were developed at our biotechnology center where they were multiplied and their anti-irritating and soothing porperties potentiated. I-modulia reduces itching sensations caused by skin dryness and soothes redness and irritations caused by the skin's hyper-reactivity.

* CER-OMEGA, lipids which resemble those found in the skin, help to repair, nourish and strengthen the protective film, giving the skin better resistance against external aggressions. Skin feels comfortable and smooth. Rich in Avene Thermal Spring Water.

* Avene Thermal Spring Water with its soothing, anti-irritating properties reduces sensations of of discomfort and softens the skin.



 Apply once or twice a day to the dry areas of the face and /or body.